Thu 08 November 2018

Leaf Blower Buyers Guide 2018

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While leaf blowers seem like they are basic overall, there are actually several components that potential buyers should consider. For instance, there are gas, electric and battery-powered leaf blowers, all of which have some positives and negatives. Different models also have different wind speed powers. Consider a few different aspects before you purchase your next leaf blower:

Gas Powered

Gas powered leaf blowers tend to be more heavy duty and offer an air speed of 215 miles per hour (MPH) or more. Most gas-powered engines have a 25cc engine with two cycles or similar components.

One very important consideration to the use of a gas-powered blower is that gasoline must be mixed with synthetic air-cooled engine oil, preferably 2-cycle. You cannot use boat or automotive oil with a blower. The oil and gasoline mixes together at a ratio of 1:40, which you can accomplish by combining 95ml oil into 4 liters of gasoline. Shake the contents together carefully and follow the specific directions on the leaf blower operation manual to fill the blower with the mix.

While some users familiar with mixing and using gasoline and oil are not bothered by this process, other homeowners may find this task difficult or disconcerting. A gas blower also dispenses fumes during use, which can leave a smell on the users’ hands and clothing.

Electric Leaf Blower

An electric leaf blower often has a 25cc engine with 4-cycle full crank capabilities. While the electric blower has less power than a gas blower, usually around 150 mph, there is no mixing of fuel and oil and the unit does not dispense gas fumes during use.

Using an electric blower requires the use of an outdoor-approved extension cord plugged into a 120-volt electrical outlet. Some users dislike being connected to an extension cord during use but other users find that using an extension cord is far simpler than mixing fuel and oil.

Battery-Powered Leaf Blower

A battery-powered blower uses a battery that plugs in and charges while the blower is not in use and then the battery connects to the base of the unit to provide power. Most battery-powered blowers have approximately 20 volts of power and provide a 140 mph air speed. Typically, a battery-powered blower uses a lithium-ion battery.
Owners tend to like the absence of a power cord or the need for gas and fuel when it comes to a battery-powered blower. However, many users have complained that the battery only lasts between 10 and 15 minutes at a time before needing to be recharged and the air speed is significantly less than a gas or electric-powered blower. did an excellent battery powered leaf blower round up you should take a look at.


Many leaf blowers also work as a vacuum or in other capacities, depending upon the manufacturer’s tools and attachments for the leaf blower. Consider the available attachments for the blower if you think you may need to use the leaf blower in other functions ...


Wed 08 August 2018

Sanyo SC-X1000P Bag-Free 12-Amp Powerhead Canister Vacuum Cleaner

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Sanyo SC-X1000P Bag-Free 12-Amp Powerhead Canister Vacuum Cleaner

By: Sanyo

Availability: Usually ships in 24 hours
Sales Rank: 1343
Avg. Customer Review:  Based on: 38 Reviews

Features of this product:

  • 12-amp bagless canister vacuum with 12-inch cleaning path and powerhead floor brush
  • Rug/floor pedal switch; see-through easy-empty dust container; HEPA-style filtration
  • Variable power control on handle; 18-foot power cord with push-button rewind for convenience
  • On-board tools include round brush, upholstery brush, quick-action brush, and crevice tool
  • Canister measures 11-7/8 by 13-5/16 by 18-11/16 inches; 1-year warranty


Sanyo Powerhead Canister Vacuum Cleaner - This canister vacuum cleaner from Sanyo features a powerful 12-Amp motor for exceptional cleaning, as well as a host of features to maximize convenience. One of those features is a see-through canister that lets you know exactly when it needs to be emptied. Large power and cord-reel buttons for hand or foot operation Features HEPA style exhaust filter for allergen control 12-inch cleaning path 18-foot 110v AC power cord with push-button rewind Hidden power cord for neat machine appearance and no snags or pulls when cleaning Headlight for easy path vision Stainless steel wands are lightweight and allow for a longer reach when vacuuming and using the tools Large wheels for easy manuevering


Sanyo SC-X1000P Bag-Free 12-Amp Powerhead Canister Vacuum Cleaner
By Sanyo

Usually ships in 24 hours


Simply Perfect

I was not sure about the suction power of this vacuum considering it was much less expensive than $400 Dysons. However, what came out of the package was an almost professional strength machine with extreme suction power.

Sanyo did a great job with this machine. It works well, and not very heavy. It comes with bunch of extension, one perfect for those who have cats. It sucks in cat hair like crazy.

One head is powered with rotating brush. You can turn the brush on and off from handle with ease.

Also, the machine is actually larger than it appears on the phone.
It is very easy to clean the bagless dust collector. Be careful to not to turn in upside down, the opening is under the canister.

With Amazon Shipping was free; it took one (1) day to get it. They probably used overnight FEDEX.

I would definitely suggest this to anyone. It works well on both carpet and hard floor.
Great value and great shipment. Thanks Amazon !


Pretty good...


I like this vacuum as much as I expected to. The good things are that it works well on hardwood floors as well as my rugs (which are all slightly different piles, etc.), it's fairly quiet, and easy to use. The little hook that holds the hose and head of the vacuum to the base broke off within a week. This is pretty annoying since it doesn't stand on it's own. It also takes up a lot more space than I imagined as well. Other than that, it seems to be a pretty good vacuum, especially for the price.


Power ...